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Estate Planning Tips for Canadian Blended Families

What to consider when two (or more) families become one.

Vikram Barhat 10 August, 2023 (read the full article on

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The Brady Bunch from the 1970s show made blended families seem like an absolute blast, but when it comes to handling finances in such a dynamic, it can turn into quite a knotty undertaking.

Combining two families, whether the emotional aspect of it or figuring out the physical living arrangement, requires walking a tightrope for many Canadians. Factor in the intricate financial complexities of this “yours, mine and ours” equation and you have a breeding ground for acrimonious disagreements.

Blended families face unique estate planning challenges. Here’s a rundown of some challenges and steps to consider to avert legal disputes, safeguard assets from creditors, and address emotional issues.